Seasonal Post #2-Clear Spring


Hello, and welcome to post #2 of the Rubies Fashion Seasons Series! 


We're here to learn about Clear Spring coloring.

This one is fun! It's mostly about the eyes. If you have warm undertones to your skin, with bright eyes, you're most-likely a Clear Spring.


Let's dig a little deeper together...

It can sometimes be hard to differentiate between Clear Spring and Summer tones, as we'll learn soon, but the basic idea is BRIGHT eyes, and WARM skin. 

Clear Spring's hair tones are a variety of golden blonde, caramel brown, or auburn tones. Always warm, and more of a golden look. Look at that gorgeous hair! 

Moving on to Clear Spring Eyes.

Basically, they're strikingly beautiful. Clear green like this.


OR Bright Blue like this. 


Do you see the beautiful contrasting colors, and the almost stained glass-like or cloudy texture of the eye? 
That is a very good way to identify Clear Spring coloring. 

Okay...Moving on to skin tones. 

Clear Springs have light, clear skin with neutral tones, unlike the eyes, which are not neutral at all. Beige, with a porcelain look, May have freckles, and burns easily. 


Most-likely, veins will be a greenish tint instead of blueish. 


If you think you are a Clear spring, I'm sharing this list of best colors for you to search, and add to your wardrobe. There are a lot! Lucky girl!

  • scarlet
  • ruby
  • true red
  • peach
  • watermelon
  • light peach
  • coral
  • pink
  • pure salmon
  • royal blue
  • true blue
  • lapis
  • cornflower
  • Chinese blue
  • dark navy
  • duck egg
  • light aqua
  • sky blue
  • mint
  • emerald turquoise
  • evergreen
  • light teal
  • Kelly green
  • apple green
  • yellow green
  • light moss
  • buttermilk
  • light gold. 

Some extra fashion tips

Combine unsaturated colors with brighter ones. Wear light yellow instead of pure white. Wear gold jewelry for black colors. Additional colors can be the warmer colors from the Clear Winter palette. 

Last, but not least...Jewelry! 


The best jewelry choices are gold, light copper, and light bronze. 

I have really enjoyed diving into Clear Spring!

I hope you have too! Even if it doesn't apply to you, you could help out a friend! I love doing that! Below is a little "cheat sheet" to help you out. 




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