Seasonal Colors Post #1- Warm Spring


Welcome to #1 of several posts featuring simple explanations of color seasons.

You may have heard of this before. I know I have on a few occasions, and I never had a clue what people were talking about. I heard phrases like.

"Fall colors look best on you. You must be an Autumn." I assumed that meant a person must look good in burgundy and orange?

Yes, I was clueless! Maybe you are too....

If you're reading this, I'm assuming you're a little curious. Are you a warm spring?

Let's find out, shall we?!

Warm Springs have lovely features. 

First of all, they have beautiful, rich tones of hair.

Can be any tone of red, Strawberry or golden/yellow blonde, warm golden brown, light auburn, or warm gray with a yellow tone.


Warm Spring eyes can be green, warm blue tones, hazel, turquoise, or brown.

A warm spring has fair, but warm skin. A slightly reddish tint to the skin. Golden tones that may have freckles, and easily gets sunburned. Fair, but always with a golden tone to it. 

Best Colors

If you think you are a Clear spring, I'm sharing this list of best colors for you to search, and add to your wardrobe. Here we go! 

  • cream
  • amber
  • light gold
  • bronze
  • primrose 
  • taupe 
  • terracotta 
  • peach
  • light peach
  • tomato red
  • aqua 
  • turquoise
  • light navy
  • azure blue
  • mint
  • lime
  • sage
  • buttermilk
  • yellow/green
  • light moss
  • Kelly green
  • apple green 

Such beautiful, rich fall colors!

Warm Springs look best in gold, copper, yellow or rose gold, yellow or brown stones, and shell light shell colors. What a fun variety!  


I barely touched the surface with this post. Corina is the mastermind when it comes to seasons! Check out her amazing resources and information on all things fashion. Just click or tap the photo here, and start exploring!

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