It's all about the seasons!

Hey girl, I'm so glad you're here!

If we haven't met before,

My name is Jeana.

I'm mommy to 5 little girls, and I love helping moms like me

feel good about how they look,

no matter what season of life they are in!

So...You're here to learn about seasons.

I LOVE that you're intrigued, because that means you're on the right path to looking your best!

You may have heard of this before. I know I have on a few occasions, and I never had a clue what people were talking about. I heard phrases like. 

"Fall colors look best on you. You must be an Autumn."

I assumed that meant a person must look good in burgundy and orange?

Yes, I was clueless, and finding out what colors looked good with my skin tone just seemed too complicated, and overwhelming for a busy mom like me.

  Plus, let's be honest...I have 5 kids. What mom of many has money to spend on clothes for herself? Not this mom. 

I would throw my hands up, and think things like

"I'll be fine. I've always been pretty good at figuring out what I like."

Who was I kidding?!

My closet was overrun with WAY too many floral prints, and hardly anything matched! 

I got to this point where I realized that I have the hardest time coming up with outfits that actually work well.

I would go to get dressed, and I would look at the clothing I had, and just not know what to put with what.

I'd try my best, but always felt either underdressed, or overdressed. 

Then to top it off, we'd go to the park, or a field trip, and there were always these cute moms that  looked so put together, but not over-done!

Like it was effortless.

How do they do that?! 

Well, if I'm honest, first I had to get over my jealousy....Then I started trying to figure out how to fix my problem! 

It really all starts with KNOWING YOUR SEASON!

Mind. Blown.

I had NO IDEA there were so many, and how much it really matters! Here they are in the order I will post. I can't wait to share this with you! <3 

  • Warm Spring
  • Clear Spring
  • Light Spring
  • Cool Summer
  • Light Summer
  • Soft Summer
  • Warm Autumn
  • Deep Autumn
  • Soft Autumn
  • Cool Winter
  • Deep Winter
  • Clear Winter                                                                                                                        If you would like more help figuring out how to dress well, check out my favorite fashion blog! Corina at Frump Fighters has AMAZING resources for you!
If you want to purchase anything from her, use my special discount code!

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